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Trapped In The Middle

The Decision
There seems to be some confusion about their decision on the case. At the very end it said on screen that the majority of the medical examiners decided it was homicide. 

Reasonable Doubt is a show about helping people that claim to be wrongly convicted. Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva criminal defense attorney re-examine controversial murder cases to help the desperate families of those convicted decide if it’s time to appeal… or accept the guilty verdict once and for all.”

Reasonable Doubt airs Monday nights on Investigation Discovery.

This episode can be seen on Investigation Discovery. It is not available on Discovery Plus.

The Reasonable Doubt Podcast

Rob Rosen, Reasonable Doubt creator and Executive Producer with co-hosts Anderson and Silva go through the behind the scenes of each episode. They add clarity, insight and sometimes humor to the episode. There is no fee for the Reasonable Doubt Podcast


It is easy to listen to this podcast. The end comes too quickly. Rob Rosen is impressively professional. I don’t know what an executive producer does but the show is working so he must be doing it right. You will love his voice, it was made to be recorded. Chris Anderson is direct, honest and doesn’t hold back his thoughts. He is still about the business but shows a side we don’t see on Reasonable Doubt. Too bad we can’t see that handsome expressive face. Fatima Silva is very different on the podcast much more open. She never ceases to impresses me how smart and analytical she is.



The Case In Case You Forgot

“Las Vegas June 2007. Steven Chaban and girlfriend Dorota  get married. June 13, Chicago. they come home and tell Dorota’s mother, Irena, about the marriage and she is not happy.  Just five days later the mother, 62 year old Irena is found dead in her bathtub. She’s been murdered. Three months later we had an arrest, the victims new son-in-law, Mr. Steven Chaban. 2011 Chaban goes on trial. The prosecution’s case is mostly circumstantial. They argue he killed Irena for money, a $50,000 life insurance policy and her condo. The jury convicted Chaban. He is now serving a 45 year sentence with no chance of parole.” 

The Family

Tammy, Chaban’s sister who is devoted to her brother.

Dorota, is in an unusual position. She is the daughter of the victim, wife to the convicted murder, star witness for the prosecution and a one time suspect in the case.

The Motive

Irena’s $50,000 life insurance policy and condominium. Chaban liked a high roller life style. He earned his living sell items at a flea market. The condo would be an impressive place to live and the money could be used for gambling.

Podcast Highlights

The Wife, Daughter, Star Witness

This was a longer interview than normal. Silva turned attorney and started drilling down on Dorota. I am still not sure whether or not Dorota helped her husband. Silva admits she forgot about the cameras and kept asking  Dorota questions. When Rosen said into her ear they had to move along she just said, “Hold on.”


Irena was not answering her phone and didn’t show up for work. Anderson has a problem with Dorota and Chaban stopping for Subway sandwiches on the way to check on Irena. He made the point he would have checked on his mother or mother-in-law and then ate.

More Things You Will Learn on the Reasonable Doubt Podcast

Phone Records

The thing that convinced Anderson that Chaban was guilty was the one thing most of us agree on.  Find out what he had to say.


An expert used powder to see how easily DNA is transferred. Silva was impressed with the findings. Anderson was not.

Silva explains why she wanted to shave her head and eyebrows when she left the DNA specialist.

We know victims being being strangled claw at the assailant. Anderson answers the question did Chaban have scratches?

The Lie Detector Test

Silva and Anderson both have misgivings about Lie Detector Tests.

The Inheritance

We learn a new reason why there was tension between Tammy and Dorota over the inheritance. It made me wonder if Dorota really wants Chaban out.

Silva explained why she could see herself saying the same thing Chaban did when the inheritance was mentioned.

The Elephant in the Room

They started dating when she was 17 and he was 27. They discuss the relationship and how it affected Dorota

The Gambling

“Gambler, does not make a murder. I mean, this is, this is a piece of decisive evidence, or not at all, but it’s come out as it’s come out of it absolutely speaks to motives.”

Anderson goes over his interview with Chaban. Very insightful.

The End

The end is especially interesting Anderson and Silva wrap up with their thoughts about the case.

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