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Rob Rosen, Reasonable Doubt creator and Executive Producer with co-hosts Anderson and Silva go through the behind the scenes of each episode. They add clarity, insight and sometimes humor to the episode.
Fatima Silva and Chris Anderson

To Dye For

Season 4 • Episode 8


Reasonable Doubt is a show about helping people that claim to be wrongly convicted. Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva criminal defense attorney re-examine controversial murder cases to help the desperate families of those convicted decide if it’s time to appeal… or accept the guilty verdict once and for all.”

This episode can be seen on Investigation Discovery. It is not available on Discovery Plus.

The Reasonable Doubt Podcast

Rob Rosen, Reasonable Doubt creator and Executive Producer with co-hosts Anderson and Silva go through the behind the scenes of each episode. They add clarity, insight and sometimes humor to the episode. There is no fee for the Reasonable Doubt Podcast.


It is easy to listen to this podcast. The end comes too quickly. Rob Rosen is impressively professional. I don’t know what an executive producer does but the show is working so he must be doing it right. You will love his voice, it was made to be recorded. Chris Anderson is direct, honest and doesn’t hold back his thoughts. He is still about the business but shows a side we don’t see on Reasonable Doubt. Too bad we can’t see that handsome expressive face. Fatima Silva is very different on the podcast much more open. She never ceases to impresses me how smart and analytical she is.

Odds and Ends

It took a minute to figure out why To Dye For had Dye in the title. In case I was stupid and not confused I looked up Dye and Die. Because I thought it was a typo. Alright I’m sleepy don’t laugh at me. It finally hit me that they used Dye because she supposedly dyed her hair at his request. 

Friendship Makes the Beginning of the Podcasts Extra Special

This is part of the exchange in this podcast.

Rosen, “Alright Fatima Do we have a disclaimer for you for this podcast.”

Silva, “Yeah, nasally  and totally contested, it is true. Yeah, I’m at home with a sick kid. And in COVID times.  When you have a sick child, and you’re sick, there’s, there’s nobody else who wants to take your child, because it’s like, even though we’re not, we don’t have COVID. It’s like we have the plague. So I didn’t have to take my child today including my own parents. I’m just gonna be in and out when I can, in between coughing and my kid screaming, wanting more intention, so just bear with me guys.”

Rosen “So, I thought Oh Chris should we be doing this podcast with her sort of digitally now. I think we better we better check with the CDC. ”

Rosen  “Okay, well, family dynamics in the Silva household family dynamics. Did you like this transition I made family dynamics? In this episode, that we’re doing, disclaimer that we always get. If you haven’t watched the show yet there’s nothing but spoilers here please pause the podcast, watch the show. It’s on every Monday night 10pm on Investigation Discovery. This week we’re going to discuss the Kara Garvan case, if you did watch it. We’re just gonna give you a little refresher before we begin talking about it.”



The Case In Case You Forgot

It was during this Ohio evening of December 22,2008. The Mollet family is home in their trailer. Suddenly, someone bursts in. Within moments, three people are dead a 20 year old Christina, a 46 year old father Edward and his 43 year old wife Juanita.

There’s only one survivor, their six year old grandson Anthony goes to a neighbor’s house and calls 911.

Franklin Furnace is a tiny town. Police immediately hone in on 29 year old Kara Garvin. She’s an old drug user and the Mollets are known drug dealers who had done business with her for years

2010 Kara Garvin goes on trial for the triple murder. The prosecution’s case mostly comes down to two key witnesses. Anthony, the child’s survivor and Kara’s ex boyfriend Paul Balmer who led police to the murder weapon. He testifies that Kara did it while he waited in the car. Paul Balmer cuts a deal and gets a 17 year sentence. Kara Garvin is convicted of triple murder, and is now serving a life sentence without the chance of parole.

The Family

Andy, Kara’s sister

Audrey, Kara’s mom

It  turned out that Audrey was just not open to hearing any kind of truth about this case.

The Motive

Kara is an old drug user and the Mollets are known drug dealers who had done business with her for years. Anthony, the 6 year old boy said the shooter took some bottles.

Podcast Highlights

Find out why Anderson had high hopes for this case.

A mom wants to believe her child is innocent and will do anything to bring them home.  Rosen, “…the family dynamics in this show are really very complex sometimes.”

They have an interesting conversation about Anthony. You will hear the two things that make him a credible witness.

We love Anderson’s personality and how he can phrase things. Find out Rosen’s favorite line of the season is.

Anderson explains why the mastermind theory won’t work in this case.

Of course there discussion about the cell phone.

I just wanted to mention they went to Subway too. Subway and Walmart seems to attract criminals.

The discussion of the hair dye is very interesting. They explain their point of view as how it relates to the crime.

Jail mail between Kara and Paul are telling.

Silva talks about her interview with Brandy, the jail house informant.

Anderson does a follow up interview with Andy.


More Things You Will Learn on the Reasonable Doubt Podcast

Silva reminds us,”…a lot of people tend to forget that circumstantial evidence is evidence, and when we do the show that’s something we face all the time but yes, everyone, circumstantial evidence is evidence, and it can put you behind bars, and it does not mean you have a wrongful conviction.”

The Follow Up to the Reasonable Doubt Episode To Dye For 

 Rosen contacted Andy. There is  a discussion about Andy, between the three of them. Very interesting.

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