Cancelled with Rob Rosen and Desma Simon

The Cancelled podcast quest list reads like a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker. The diverse quest list will surprise you. Who knew the knitting business can be cut throat? Dr. Drew Pinsky was cancelled for under estimating the impact of covid when it first appeared. Many of the people that have been cancelled lost everything their business/job, home, savings, so called friends. It is hard to listen at times.

Traditionally, I have had trouble listening to podcasts. Sitting still and listening is difficult for me. This podcast has kept my attention through every episode. The quests have been cancelled for everything from well yeah you should have been canceled, to I am confused as to why you were cancelled, to you didn’t deserve to be cancelled.

You can hear Cancelled with Rob Rosen and Desma Simon here. The podcast is free.




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