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Paranormal Legend John Zaffis Discusses “Haunted Collector” at 2011 Dragon Con

If you ask anyone in the Paranormal field who their inspiration is, one name keeps popping up – John Zaffis. With over 30 years experience investigating the paranormal and work on some very high profile cases, Zaffis is the go-to guy when one needs paranormal advice. He has appeared on popular recent paranormal tv shows such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters”. Zaffis himself has delved into the paranormal television world with his Syfy show “Haunted Collector”. Zaffis and his team travel to locations that are having unexplained activity and identify and remove any items that they feel might causing the activity. Zaffis remembers a case that he had years ago in which a client “had a nick nack that seemed to be causing some paranormal activity. It got me thinking, if people and places can be haunted, why not items?”