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Article by Suzanne Philips

Photos copyright Annika Ahmed

Rupert Graves. DI Lestrade of "Sherlock" at Nerd HQ Panel 2015. Photo Copyright Annika Ahmed

Rupert Graves. DI Lestrade of “Sherlock” at Nerd HQ Panel 2015. Photo Copyright Annika Ahmed


“Sherlock” is always a highly anticipated show at San Diego Comic Con, and 2015 proved no exception.  Even though stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman who play Sherlock Holmes and John Watson respectively were unable to attend this year due to filming commitments, the show’s producers Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue and star Rupert Graves (who plays DI Lestrade) were on hand for a panel at the official event and a panel at Zachary Levi’s popular Nerd HQ.

The panel was part of a series of panels that Nerd HQ puts on every year called “Conversations For A Cause” which brings stars of popular shows and films in front of an intimate audience for a Q &A session – the proceeds of which are donated to Operation Smile, which helps provide surgeries for children suffering from Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate.

This year’s panel started with a screening of the trailer for the upcoming “Sherlock” Victorian Christmas Special which first debuted at the Comic Con panel the day prior.



Then the questions started to fly.  “Sherlock” fans are constantly complaining about the long wait between seasons and the fact that there are only 3 episodes in a season.  Even Producer Steven Moffat acknowledges that the wait is terribly taxing.  When Co-Producer and wife Sue Vertue joked that the reason they take so long to come out is that they are “waiting on scripts”, Moffat joked “When you are not looking darling, I make “Doctor Who”. In truth, Moffat’s work on “Doctor Who” is only part of the reason for the long wait between seasons.  Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are in such high demand that it takes time to coordinate both of their schedules.


Steven Moffat at Nerd HQ Panel 2015. Photo copyright Annika Ahmed

Steven Moffat at Nerd HQ Panel 2015. Photo copyright Annika Ahmed

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Star Rupert Graves was asked if he were more like Sherlock or Watson.  “Not Sherlock, I’m not even smart enough to be Watson.  I’m just Lestrade”, which elicited laughter from the audience.  Graves also joked that Mycroft (played by Mark Gatiss) would be Lestrade’s ideal date and hinted that  in the coming season we will be seeing a change in the two characters relationship.


Rupert Graves and Sue Vertue at Nerd HQ Panel 2015. Photo copyright Annika Ahmed

Rupert Graves and Sue Vertue at Nerd HQ Panel 2015. Photo copyright Annika Ahmed


There is a much rumored “Sherlock/Doctor Who” crossover that may or may not be in the works.  Stay tuned for more details on that!

The “Sherlock” special is set to come out on television and in select theatres later this year.

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The full Nerd HQ Sherlock panel can be seen here:


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Delivers The Action

Article and photos by Suzanne Philips


Steven Moffat at 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Steven Moffat at 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips


Steven Moffat – you love him….you hate him….you hate to love him.  The genius behind the reboot of the “Doctor Who” franchise and the smash success “Sherlock” inspires strong feelings in fans.  Moffat is also one of the busiest people in television, juggling two very successful shows that he produces, writing episodes and making appearances and talking to the press at events like the 2015 San Diego Comic Con.


Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Not only did he have two official Comic Con panels – for “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”, there was also a “Sherlock” panel at Zachary Levi’s popular Nerd HQ which he attended with wife Sue Vertue and “Sherlock” Star Rupert Graves, and he still found time to attend the annual SherlockeDCC fan party with his wife and son at the San Diego Central Library.

Moffat was a special surprise guest at the party, which is an annual event held for fans put on by the Baker Street Babes, an all-female fan group (  Party-goers were delighted to see Moffat and wife Sue Vertue (also a producer on “Sherlock”) and son Louis come by to spend some time with them at the sold-out event.


Louis and Steven Moffat and 2015 San Diego Comic Con.  Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Louis and Steven Moffat and 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips


Louis was in the “Sherlock” episode “His Last Vow” playing the young Sherlock Holmes.  Fans wanted to know what it was like being the young Sherlock and Louis said that he still had to audition for the role, even though his parents produce the show.  He said that he really enjoyed working with his parents and it was a lot of fun shooting the episode.


Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Photo copyright Suzanne Philips


One fan asked Moffat if he had to kill off either Sherlock or Watson, who would he rather kill?  Moffat said that he thought it would be more interesting to see how Sherlock would react to the death of one of his friends.  “Watson without Sherlock, we have already seen that…how that would be.  Seeing how Sherlock reacted when Mrs. Hudson was threatened… would be interesting to see how Sherlock would deal with any of his people being hurt or killed.”



The question was posed that if “Sherlock” were ever to run out of original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, would they consider using any of the modern authors who have written stories about Sherlock Holmes as the basis for their storylines.  Moffat laughed “At this stage, given that there is so much original, and we make the show like the glacier that advances across Europe, we’re not in any real danger of running out. There are 60 original Arthur Conan Doyle stories….we have made 10. I think Arthur Conan Doyle could catch up with us and he’s dead.”


Sue Vertue.  Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Sue Vertue. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips

Moffat quipped to wife Sue Vertue when she commented on how slowly “Sherlock” is produced, “I do have another project I work on” referring to his other job as Showrunner and Producer on “Doctor Who.”

Obviously both Moffat and Vertue realize how important the fan base is to “Sherlock” and they clearly love the show and the fans to take time out of an extremely long day to spend with their fans.

For info on next year’s SherlockeDCC party, visit

Article and photos by Suzanne Philips



Popular British actor Arthur Darvill of “Doctor Who” and “Broadchurch” attended the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con at the Las Vegas Convention Center this weekend, to the delight of hundreds of fans of the popular British shows.

Arthur Darvill was quite funny and charming throughout the 45 minute panel and shared numerous stories from his childhood and drama school. Taking questions from the audience, Darvill thrilled fans describing his time on numerous television shows and theatre productions.


copyright S. Philips

copyright S. Philips

Fans of course had loads of questions for Darvill about his time on “Doctor Who”, playing opposite Matt Smith’s doctor.  Steven Moffatt, who produces the show, told Darvill that he always had the character of Rory planned out but Darvill says “no I don’t think he did”. At the beginning of the show, he had no idea what the character would be like.  When asked about his favorite episode of “Doctor Who”, Darvill said he would probably choose “The Angels Take Manhattan”.  The show was filmed in Central Park and a huge number of fans came out to watch the filming. Darvill says that the NY Police Department was not prepared for just how many fans would come out for the filming and were a bit nervous about the huge numbers.  Darvill says the “Doctor Who” fans were so great because they wanted the show to be good just as much as the production team.  When it came time to film the fans would become silent and just “grouped up like penguins and watched without saying a word”.  He said that was one of the best filming experiences because of the fans’ support.


copyright S. Philips

copyright S. Philips

Darvill went on to say that he never thought he would do television but now that he has been doing it for a bit, he really loves it.  He says that he thinks “The Walking Dead” is a great show and one of his personal favorites.  He was also able to confirm that there will be a season three for “Broadchurch”, but doesn’t know at this point what it will be about or if his character will be in it.


copyright S. Philips

copyright S. Philips


Moderator Aaron Sagers.

Moderator Aaron Sagers.


Television host and journalist Aaron Sagers moderated the panel and was even able to get Darvill to talk a bit about his upcoming show “Legends of Tomorrow”, which is a spin-off of the popular CW shows “The Flash” and “Arrow”.  Little information has come out about this project as the production is being kept under wraps. Darvill plays Rip Hunter who is a roguish time traveller who was described to him as “kind of like Indiana Jones”, which Darvill says immediately made him want to do the part as he has always wanted to be Indiana Jones.  He has read a lot of comic books to prep for the part and joked about what a hard job that was.  At this point he doesn’t know exactly where the character will go in the series but what he has seen looks promising so far.



copyright S. Philips

copyright S. Philips

Fans were definitely not disappointed in this panel or Darvill’s answers to their numerous questions.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in Sherlock.









Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock stars reveal gay club scene was cut from “The Sign of Three”


The Independent UK is reporting that  a gay club scene involving the pair was cut from the last series.

“Doing the drunk stuff was lovely but I regret there was one bit of that drunk stuff that was missing,”   Martin Freeman  who plays Watson teased. “There was the gay club scene. Why didn’t that get in? We got mullered in a gay club and all these topless guys were going by.”

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock , joined in: “I had no idea why we were there and what it was and why they didn’t have their clothes on and then it dawned on me.”

The scene was cut from the pub crawl. Moffat said the scene drug on and on.

Cumberbatch said, “Errrr, errrr, errr….I can do that for two years,”

“I can’t wait for four or five years until we make the next episode,” added Moffat.

That’s just wrong!

Complete Article

Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in

Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in “The Power of Three”.

Sherlock might not return to the BBC until 2016

“If people have to wait two years, they’ll have to wait two years,” the detective drama’s co-creator and producer told gaming website IGN.

When asked about Sherlock ‘s future, Moffat insisted he had “no idea”. “We’ll do what we can, but with no sacrifice in quality – that’s the thing,” he said. “It’s not the kind of show that turns up all the time, it’s just not. But the good news is, that probably means it will turn up sporadically for a very, very long while.”

Lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are in high demand following Sherlock‘s success, meaning shooting for new episodes will depend on their work schedules.

Moffat is a busy man too. He has just started with new Time Lord Peter Capaldi on the next series of sci-fi drama Doctor Who .

Complete article.




Fans of the long-running British show “Doctor Who” were in for a treat during Comic Con when the official Tumblr for the show held a party at San Diego’s Lucky 16 restaurant and bar.  Star Matt Smith and producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss delighted fans at the party by showing up to thank them for their support.

old dude





Comic Con Goes Crazy For Sherlock

Sherlock at Comic Con 2013The first official day of Comic Con usually starts the insanity-filled 5 day experience,  and 2013 is no exception.  The buzzword on everyone’s lips today was – Sherlock.

The BBC America booth on the exhibit floor, which carries merchandise for “Sherlock” as well as a huge display for “Dr. Who” and items for their new show “Orphan Black”, saw lines of 300 people snaking around the hall who were all waiting to buy merchandise.

Sherlock at Comic Con 2013

Fans camped out overnight to gain entrance to Ballroom 20 for the 2:15pm Sherlock panel which featured Creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and Executive Producer Sue Vertue.  Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were unavailable to be at the con, but sent along a hilarious videotaped message, which can be found on the Entertainment Weekly website.

Sherlock at Comic Con 2013

Season 3 of Sherlock will see three great new episodes which involve Sherlock’s re-entry into the lives of friends who believed him to be dead as well as the wedding of Dr. Watson, among other revelations.

Sherlock at Comic Con 2013

The first episode of the season will be called “The Empty Hearse” and is loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story “The Empty House”. The return of Sherlock and the impact that this has on John Watson will be the focal point of the story.  In the original Conan Doyle stories, Watson forgives Sherlock and they move on quite quickly.  This is not the case in “Sherlock” Season 3. The creators wanted to show how Sherlock’s faked suicide affected his friends and extended family. In the first episode of the new season, the reunion of John and Sherlock goes “On and on” says Mofatt. “It was amazing to watch when we were filming it”.

Mark Gatiss, who also plays Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft Homes in the show, says that ” Mycroft will turn up in season 3 quite a lot.  I can’t say what or how without giving a lot away.” But fans of the character will not be disappointed.

Sherlock at Comic Con 2013


Both Moffatt and Gatiss are huge fans of the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  When asked what he would say if he had the opportunity to speak to Conan Doyle today, Gatiss says “We owe everything to Conan Doyle.  He is possibly the best writer of short stories ever so I would simply say, Thank You.”


All three panelists expressed great love and admiration for the shows stars.  They also revealed that many people would be surprised on first meeting the pair if they thought that they would be like their on-screen characters.  “Benedict is actually the goofy one and Martin is the sardonic one, which is almost opposite of their characters”, stated Mark Gatiss. “Benny is very puppy-ish and bumbling and Martin is very earthy.” Even though both men have become huge film stars since they stated filming the first series, they are both well-loved by cast and crew.  “We have the two biggest British film stars at the current time in our show” says Moffatt.

Executive producer Sue Vertue confirmed that there will be a Series 4, they just have to work out the details of when they will go into production.  Steven Moffatt said that the “tradition in television is to make a lot of episodes over a short amount of time which eventually makes everyone burn out.  We want to make a lot of episodes over a long period of time so that no one gets sick of it. The characters will get older and the audience will be getting older with them as well.”

Sherlock at Comic Con 2013

The panel received a standing ovation and a great reception from the huge number of fans in attendance.  Sherlock, Series 3 will start airing in early 2014 on BBC and PBS.


Nerd HQ announces another line-up of great panels for a great cause at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con.




  • Nerd HQ announces the partial line-up of the panel series, “Conversations for a Cause,”  the very popular philanthropic series of un-moderated panels taking place at Nerd HQ 2013 in San Diego July 18-21 in a new location, Petco Park (100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101) Gaslamp Gate.
  • This year’s panels include: “Cast from ‘300: Rise of an Empire,’” “Dr. Who,”“Haven,”“I, Frankenstein,” “Orphan Black,” “PBS Masterpiece: Sherlock,” “Psych,” “Stoopid Buddy with Seth Green,” “The Maze Runner,” “Thrilling Adventure Hour” and individual panels with Jared Padalecki, Joe Manganiello, Joss Whedon,       Nathan Fillion and Nerd HQ Founder Zachary Levi, among others to be announced in the coming days.
  • Tickets will be $22 each and will go on sale Thursday, July 11 at 12 p.m. PDT at
  • Proceeds will benefit Operation Smile, mobilizing a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe.







ABOUT THE NERD MACHINE – The Nerd Machine is a multimedia company dedicated in bringing its global clientele the best of apparel, accessories, software, hardware, music, and both long and short form video content. We not only put a premium on customer satisfaction and input but also collaboration, as we believe that some of the very best ideas may come out of the very community we serve. Our goal is to nurture an environment where community interaction thrives, creating the best and most forward thinking products available on the market. And, philosophically speaking, spearheading a “mission of redefinition” that changes the global perception of what a nerd is, and thereby allow everyone to celebrate the nerd in themselves. The question is: What are you nerdy about?





Weeping Angels, beautiful statues one moment and your worst nightmare the next.

Weeping Angels, beautiful statues one moment and your worst nightmare the next.

“Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.”

Blink and you might miss them nevertheless the Weeping Angels are the best monsters in the Doctor Who universe, according to a poll. The Weeping Angels were first brought to life by current Doctor Who head writer and executive producer Steve Moffat, in 2007 episode “Blink”, the Angels are living statues, that can not move if they are being watched. If you close your eyes or look away and they are instantly alive and on the move, stone fangs and claws bared.

Steven Moffat’s “Blink” episode won the prestigious Hugo Award,  British Academy Television Award and BAFTA Cymru,  It was also nominated for the Nebula Award and the BAFTA Scotland.

More than 10,000 fans voted in our poll, with nearly half (49.4 per cent) choosing the Angels as their favourite monsters. Classic Who adversaries the Daleks were in second place with 17 per cent of the vote, followed by another Moffat creation, The Silence, in third place with almost 12 per cent.

The Doctor’s fellow Time Lord The Master, and Moffat’s microscopic swarm The Vashta Nerada, were in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with the Cybermen, Davros, the Zygons, the Ice Warriors and the Sontarans completing the top ten.

“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had, all your stolen moments. They’re creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy.”

Voters explained why the Weeping Angels frightened them, “Not only are they deadly (look away, you die, blink, you die, look them in the eyes, you die)and fiercely intelligent (as shown when they steal Bob’s vocal chords), but it takes an everyday object and makes you wonder” said Alyssa Woods.

Read more from the voters and see the complete list here.





 Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as The Ponds.

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as The Ponds.

Fans were NOT about to let their favorite couple leave the air waves without a fight. Bowing to fan pressure BBC123 and Steven Moffats have announced a TV sitcom featuring Karen Gillan (Amy Pond-Williams ) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams). The show will follow Amy as the spokeswoman for the perfume she and Rory developed, Petrichor.

The cast and crew are working hard to get the first few episodes ready for the soon to be announced air date.  American fans may be left out! Rumor has it that “Amy & Rory: The Ponds” won’t be seen on this side of the pond. We can only hope that non-UK Whovians will be able to get to see the new show.

Moffats has promised that Rory will NOT die in this episode. The show will be fun and uplifting with the viewers sharing the inside joke that The Ponds are time travelers.

Is the another baby in future for The Ponds?
That is a closely guarded secret. Fans will be thrilled if the rumors are true that Amy & Rory have another “Time Head” baby on the way. Like Tabatha, on Bewitched, their baby would have unexplained powers that could prove to be the heart of the sitcom.

There has been no mention of Alex Kingston or Matt Smith making guest appearances on the show.  We can only hope.

The amazing idea for the show is the brain child of .

Wish for the show  and say three times.
Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor
Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor
Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor

Maybe it will become true.

Miranda Hart could be appearing in Doctor Who replacing Karen Gillan (AmyPond)  and Arthur Darvil (Rory Williamsl.  (Image credit: BBC)

Miranda Hart could be appearing in Doctor Who replacing Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvil (Rory Williams. (Image credit: BBC)

We are all waiting impatiently for  the long stretch until Doctor  Who returns with series 7.  We not  get our yearly dose of Doctor Who until much later in 2012. Considering the shows that are being completed now will probably be part of the Doctor Who Anniversary bash, there’s lots of reasons to start getting excited now. Things are in the early stages but it gives us something to obsess about.

As production starts up, the rumors continue to swirl around Miranda Hart as a possible companion for The Doctor . She is the star of her own comedy show Miranda on BBC 1. Hart has been rumored to having turned down previous offers to appear on Doctor Who. Soon she will be making her serious drama debut in the BBC series “Call The Midwife” Even with her commitment to the new show she said to be considering working on upcoming episodes of series 7 of Doctor Who.

There is no proof at this point. Nothing has been confirmed by the BBC or by Steven Moffat, Matt Smith or anyone. Like most Doctor Who rumors it just wait and see while we search for scraps of information.

Many of us will search her photo trying to find something we can like. Amy and Rory are going to be a tough act to follow. We love our Ponds and it may difficult to like anyone that takes their place. As Whovians we have to remember The Doctor has to move on and when his heart is broken ours will be broken too.





"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"

"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" Christmas 2011

After a Doctor Who dry spell Whovians are looking forward to this years Christmas special. The past Christmas specials have been excellent. Steven Moffat has a huge job. Whovians are excited and can’t wait for Santa and “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” on Christmas day.

I am excited to see how former Doctor Who writer Douglas Adams and author of the “Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe” is worked into the story. Maybe The Doctor brings a towel.

This is their second Christmas together, Moffat, Smith and the Doctor. Where previous show runner Russell T. Davies, who revived the series after a 16-year hiatus, liked to get epic at year’s end — “The Voyage of the Damned” was a full-on disaster movie, “The End of Time” was the swan song both for Tennant and for Davies himself — Moffat keeps things intimate and domestic and dressed for the holiday. Last year’s special used “A Christmas Carol” as a model — you could tell that from its title, “A Christmas Carol” — and this year the writer turns toward C.S. Lewis.

Like Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Moffat’s “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” — something of a giveaway, again — is set during World War II and concerns children evacuated to a country house, where a “dimensional portal thingy” leads to a wooded world all covered in snow. (And Lewis’ description of heaven as a place that grows larger the further in you go has always reminded me of the Tardis, the Doctor’s bigger-on-the-inside time machine.)

For the detailed review with major spoilers click here.


Sat. 12/24 day long Doctor Who marathon

5pm pacific Doctor Who “Best of the Christmas Specials”

6pm pacific The Nerdist: Year In Review  with Matt Smith

7pm pacific Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show

9:30pm pacific Doctor Who “Best of the Christmas Specials”

10:30pm pacific The Nerdist: Year In Review with Matt Smith

11:30pm pacific Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show


1am Doctor Who Marathon continues

List includes “The Doctor’s Wife” and “The Wedding of River Song”

6pm pacific  *****THE 2011 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL*****

8pm pacific  repeat of *****THE 2011 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL*****  “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”

The Doctor Who marathon continues with the last episode “Christmas Invasion” with Ten at 2am pacific time.








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Best reason to buy Doctor Who Series 6, First Night River and The Doctor. The title is enough to make me swallow my own tongue.

[hana-code-insert name=’Pre Order DVD’ /]

Who said, “Spoilers.” first?
The UK Doctor Who season six box set is released by 2entertain on 21 November, and SFX got their hands on a set of review discs!

The most exciting bonus on there is a series of five short “mini-episodes”. Written by Steven Moffat and collectively referred to as “Night And The Doctor”, they feature Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston, with brief appearances by Arthur Darvill and James Corden too.

WARNING: okay?

SFX has screenshots and short story outlines but says,”there are some spoilers ahead, but we’ve kept the big discoveries under wraps”
Click to or not to click that is the decision.   * insert evil laugh*

Doctor Who DVD Season 6 – BBC Release Date Nov 22 – Pre-Order Now

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doctor who,Dr.Who,Karen Gillan,the doctor,amy pond,amy pond actress,Doctor Who cast, dr who characters,River Song,Alex Kingston,Matt Smith,Arthur Darvill,Rory Williams,Caitlin Blackwood,Daisy Lowe,tenza,cybermmats, When Time Froze,Ood at school

An Ood visits students at Oakley Junior School

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t seen the episode you can watch it by clicking this link.
Doctor Who: Death Is The Only Answer – Starring Matt Smith – Oh! River – Watch The Video


I am putting all the links together and leaving it up to you to read the spoilers.

doctor who,Dr.Who,Karen Gillan,the doctor,amy pond,amy pond actress,Doctor Who cast, dr who characters,River Song,Alex Kingston,Matt Smith,Arthur Darvill,Rory Williams,Caitlin Blackwood,Daisy Lowe,tenza,cybermmats

River Song, The Doctor, Amy Pond

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song – series 32, episode 13

Dan Martin

The many complex threads lead towards a simple resolution, and a few old friends make an appearance

Doctor Who The Wedding of River Song – One Question Won’t Be Answered – Minor Spoilers

Doctor Who series 6 episode 13 review: The Wedding Of River Song

Simon Brew

If you were feeling a little puzzled watching The Wedding Of River Song for the first time, then you might not be alone. The following seven consecutive Tweets that popped across our feed during the episode seem to be a pretty effective cross section of where people’s thoughts were. The Tweets, which we picked up after the episode, ran:

“I am so confused”
“What the hell is going on”
“Is anyone else lost”
“My poor brain”
“Karen is so hot”
“I could use some spoilers”
“Oh, I get it”

Doctor Who “The Wedding Of River Song” TV REVIEW

Dave Golder

VERDICT Remember back in the first half of the series when the Doctor would look at the TARDIS monitor screen and the image would flash back and forward between “Amy pregnant” and “Amy not pregnant”? I’m getting that feeling every time I think about the star rating for “The Wedding Of River Song”. Five stars! No, four stars! No, five stars! No, four…


‘Everyone’s going to get answers to all their questions. Well, all except one, because that’s the way I am.’

doctor who,Dr.Who,Karen Gillan,the doctor,amy pond,amy pond actress,Doctor Who cast, dr who characters,River Song,Alex Kingston,Matt Smith,Arthur Darvill,Rory Williams,Caitlin Blackwood,Daisy Lowe,tenza,cybermmats

River Song, The Doctor, Amy Pond

“Executive producer Steven Moffat has promised fans the series will provide ‘all the answers’ regarding the Doctor’s death and his relationship with River, telling Total TV magazine: ‘Well, it’s pretty much all the answers in terms of what you saw at Lake Silencio and in The Impossible Astronaut.

The show will also feature a tribute to late actor Nicholas Courtney, who played The Brigadier in 107 episodes across more than 20 years before his death in February.

The doctor will be told of his death in a nursing home, with Moffat saying: ‘In a story about the Doctor going to his death, it seemed right and proper to acknowledge one of the greatest losses Doctor Who has endured.'”

Read more: