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Privacy’s a rarity these days, and your beloved social media sites are largely to blame for that. But there are things you are doing on those sites that are making the situation even worse. Read the rest of this entry

When BuzzFeed’s deputy global news director, Ryan Broderick, put out a call for the internet to Google search their first names plus “the hedgehog,” he exposed one of the coolest internet tricks you probably never knew existed. When Twitter users followed his cryptic instructions, they discovered that when you Google your name along with “the hedgehog,” most likely you’ll get a customized cartoon version of the popular ’90s animated classic, Sonic the Hedgehog.

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To trust your microwave or not? That’s the question the internet is asking themselves after Kellyanne Conway suggested former President Barack Obama spied on Donald Trump with “microwaves that turn into cameras.” Though Conway has clarified her comments and doesn’t actually believe the statement she did make, the internet is shook and has no idea how to feel about their microwaves anymore.

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