How To Add Pages To A WordPress Blog

If a picture is too small right click on it and open it in a new window. It will be a lot bigger.

This is your Dashboard. You can look at all the options play with them but for the purpose of this lesson we doing the basics of making a Page.

Go to Pages and there will be a drop down menu. Click on Add New.

A page entry screen will open.
1. A title. It HAS to have one. That is how the computer finds it.
2. Add your text.

In right hand corner. There is a boxed titled Publish.

1. If you stop a blog before you are finished hit Save Draft. It will keep a copy.
2. Preview – click on this to see what you are typing looks like.
3. Next to Visibility click on Edit. Select Private.
4. If you are finished click on Publish or Update. It will depend on where you are in the process.
That’s it for now. Good luck text or email if you need help.