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Vegas rock band Theory Of Flight soars into the summer opening for well-known rock band Marcy Playground for the “Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit Of Rage” tour. The tour begins June 3 in Janesville, WI at The Back Bar and then heads to Fridley, MN (June 4),  Rochester, MN(June 5), Des Moines, IA (June 6), Bellingham, WA (June 10), and Olympia, WA (June 11). The tour continues in Napavine, WA(June 12), Seattle, WA (June 13), Corpus Christi, TX (August 4), Austin, TX (August 5), Houston, TX(August  6), Galveston, TX (August 7), ending in San Antonio, TX(August 8).

The band was asked to join the tour making it perfect timing for Theory Of Flight as they released their debut album, Within Reach on April 20. Lead singer Beau Hodges comments, “We were on the road when we found out that we would be on tour with Marcy Playground for summer 2010. We got instantly energized by the news and are stoked to be heading out with such a great band!”

While on the “Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit Of Rage” tour Theory Of Flight connects with TIGI hair products “Rockaholic,a line influenced by the music world realm unleashing the rock star in all of us. Theory Of Flight will be promoting the “Rockaholic” hair product line throughout the tour with Marcy Playground. President of Ue3 Promotions, Jennifer Lyneis, created the unique relationship between Theory Of Flight and TIGI. “TIGI’s ‘Rockaholic’ line was a fantastic fit for the band. We are very excited for the cross promotions, therefore, Theory Of Flight will promote the hair line in selected tour cities across the U.S,” states Lyneis.

Theory Of Flight’s current singleSet The Night On Fireoff the Within Reach album, has been hitting the pop and alternative radio airwaves. The music video for the single was shot in their home town of Vegas and is currently featured on Yahoo! Music for the site’s “New Music” section. The video was also recently featured on popular teen satellite TV segment Channel One.

Within Reach was produced by Grammy winning duo Bob Cutarella (The Police, Elton John, and Cyndi Lauper) and Fran Carthcart (Sting, Sevendust, and Beyoncé) of NYC’s East Side Sound studios. Original mixing of the album was done by renowned L.A. engineer, Mark Needham(Fleetwood Mac, Chris Issak, and The Killers).

 THEORY OF FLIGHT's Joey McMahon, Tyler Williams, Vince Casas, L.A. producer Mark Needham, Beau Hodges, Stephen Goodrum, and John Colombo.    (left to right)

THEORY OF FLIGHT's Joey McMahon, Tyler Williams, Vince Casas, L.A. producer Mark Needham, Beau Hodges, Stephen Goodrum, and John Colombo. (left to right)







In just under a year, Theory Of Flight ( front man Beau Hodges, lead guitarist Vince Casas, bassist Joey McMahon, drummer Tyler Williams, rhythm guitarist Stephen Goodrum, and keyboardist John Colombo have created quite the buzz in the Vegas music scene. Theory Of Flight ’s live performances at hip venues such as House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel, Diablo’s Cantina and Jillian’s have helped gain the band’s notable fan base. Tracks from the guys’ 2008 EP A Brilliant Display landed on the airwaves of alternative radio stations Area 108 FM, KOMP 92.3 and X107.5 FM.

With the success of the radio airplay combined with the ever-growing fan base, it was time to hit the ground running to create their highly anticipated full length album, Within Reach, due out in the Fall of 2009. To take Theory of Flight to the next level, the band figured they would need to knock the ball right out of the park! Next to bat you ask? In comes talented L.A. music producer and engineer Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Cake, Chris Isaak and My Chemical Romance).

“Working with a legendary figure like Mark presents a huge opportunity for us,” says Goodrum. “We had wanted to work with him and were so honored when he agreed to do the project. We chose the name Theory of Flight to embody the idea that we want our music to be an inspiration to people, to encourage them to never give up. And now Mark is a great part of that story we’re able to tell.”

The fans of the EP A Brilliant Display need not to worry! Theory Of Flight and Mr. Neeham have got you covered as the debut Within Reach will feature five of the EP’s tracks that Needham is perfecting, along with mixing of seven new songs that will be featured on the new album. The initial arranging and producing will be done by Casas and Colombo of Theory Of Flight.

Theory Of Flight recently came to L.A. to meet with Needham at his Los Feliz studio to discuss the project and put their creativity to work.