“Ghost Adventures” stars Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin hold a meet and greet for over 250 fans at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Article by Suzanne Philips. Photos copyright Suzanne Philips/Larry Cunningham/CFM


Over 250 fans of the popular Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” turned out at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas last night for a special event featuring the stars of the show.  Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin were on hand to do a meet and greet and take photos with fans for the museum’s “After Dark” event. 

Some fans waited in line for hours for the opportunity to meet their faves.  After the meet and greet, attendees were given the opportunity to tour the wax museum’s haunted attraction “After Dark”. 

The guys were in good spirits and really took time with each fan to give out a hug or an autograph and the love for the fans that they have really came across at this event.

Beyond what you see on the show, all three of the guys have side projects which show off their other talents. CFM Entertainment News got to spend a few minutes chatting with the Ghost Adventures Crew about some of their upcoming gigs and why this event with the fans was so important to them.

Nick Groff

 Nick Groff has a clothing line – Phantom Collections – as well as a music cd on the way.  We asked him to tell us a bit about his line. “My clothing line, Phantom Collections, just launched it yesterday with Modus Collection.” says Groff  “I am really excited about it because every piece of the line actually has a symbolic image from my life.  So that’s why I created the shirts and sweatshirts, because it resembles some effect that it actually had on me.”

The Phantom Collections line, in conjunction with Modus Collection Clothing, is onsale now and you can check out their website at http://www.moduscollectionclothing.com/phantomcollection/.

Aaron Goodwin


Aaron Goodwin who has a website where he sells his clothing line “Big Steppin” as well as artwork and photography, has started a really nice project for charity on his site.  “I am selling “Big Steppin” ornaments and half of the proceeds go to Kids Without Toys.  So in the middle of December I am going to have hopefully a ton of toys and will drop them off at a local Nevada radio station who will match it so really it’s all of the proceeds going to charity.”

If you want to help out with charity and pick up some great items at the same time, check out Aaron’s website at http://agoodwincollections.com/.


Zak Bagans


“Ghost Adventures” lead investigator Zak Bagans is a busy guy.  In addition to “Ghost Adventures”, Zak recently produced and hosted the popular show “Paranormal Challenge”, became a New York Times Bestselling Author with his book “Dark World” (available at your local Barnes and Noble store or on Amazon.com) and has a clothing line that he has had in the works for some time. “I have been going through designers one after the other.” says Bagans. “You have a vision in your head and these designers,  they keep pumping out stuff that looks like Affliction clothes.  I am trying to get away from that.  It’s a work in progress.  It will be out someday, but not in the immediate future.”

For more updates on Zak’s clothing line or any of his other projects, check out http://zakbagans.com/.

Last night’s event was all about the fans.  Why was this event so important for the Ghost Adventures Crew to be a part of? “We love our fans” says Nick Groff ” we’re from Vegas and people love Vegas.”  “I just love this location.” says Zak Bagans “When we investigated here we found some really shocking evidence.”

Their love for their fans certainly showed and the fans truly appreciated them being there.  New episodes of “Ghost Adventures” are now airing on Friday nights on the Travel Channel.  Check your local listings for times.