“BEER WARS” is an exploration of the U.S. Beer industry and the fight between the major companies and the many micro-brewers that are fighting for a share of the profits. 

Filmmaker Anat Baron has a unique perspective on the industry as she was the General Manager of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and helped to grow their brand.  Baron appears in the film as a kind of guide to take the viewer through the massive Anheuser-Busch facility to smaller brewers like Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and New Century Brewing Company.

The film exposes many aspects of the brewing industry that many people will be surprised by.  Do you know how the beer gets into your local pub or liquor store?  The system is mind-boggling and fascinating.  The connections between brewing and politics sheds light on just what a powerful industry this is.  The film uses a great deal of advertisments and footage from the history of brewing in the U.S. and provides a nostalgic look at the history of the country as well.

This film is an interesting and enlightening look on beer that should appeal to both the hard-core beer drinker and those who are looking for a glimpse into our country’s history.

Look for “BEER WARS” in your local DVD store or retailer beginning on Tuesday, September 22nd and check out their website at www.beerwarsmovie.com.

Author: Suzanne Philips
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