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Marc Caruso, Sean Harrison, Allison Wright Clark and Mario Davis have officially launched Angry Mob, a Santa Monica-based music publishing and licensing company that maintains one of the most eclectic modern music catalogs in the industry tailored to film, television and interactive game production.

Angry Mob will connect its new, emerging and established musicians to national and international brands, as well as work with music supervisors and music editors for film and television placement of the artist’s songs.

Highly regarded and respected in the film and television industry, the founding team of the “Mob” not only have more than a collective 30 years of experience in music supervision, production, editing and composition, but are also strongly united in the long-term career development of their artists. It is a stance that has already attracted many songwriters to the young but ambitious company.

“Our motivation for forming Angry Mob came from a need to showcase talented songwriters and performers who may have been overlooked by major music publishing houses, and using new, modern-day methods that haven’t quite been effectively tapped before” said Marc Caruso, Head of Licensing & Administration. “We are focused on the artist, and we want to be their powerful springboard. We’re called Angry Mob for a reason, because we’re willing to fight for their well-deserved exposure, and we recognize the inherent capabilities and power of the determined collective vs. that of the individual.”

Singers and songwriters who have joined the Angry Mob family thus far include: renaissance singer-songwriter Ken Christianson; vulnerable yet strong Sarah Hethcoat; big band leader and film orchestrator Ladd McIntosh and his Swing Orchestra; indie-folk musician Chris Potter and his latest project The–M•rse–C•des; Americana master John Pringle; retro-focused and Black Eyed Peas writer Hiram Riemmer; young troubadour Tom Schraeder; and the energetic songwriting duo of Todd Spahr and Rob Mailhouse of Spärhusen fame.

The diversity of Angry Mob’s founders spans all facets of the music industry. Caruso is an accomplished music editor, and has worked as a composer and sound mixer. While at Media Ventures, the LA native received an Emmy nomination for his work on Tom Clancy’s “Net Force.” Caruso will serve as head of Licensing & Administration, and will find opportunities for artists and work with producers to find the perfect music for their projects.

Harrison’s specialty is creating music-related promotions for recording artists with national and international brands. Prior to joining the “Mob”, he worked as an independent entertainment branding consultant. Harrison will head up marketing, and will also focus on music publishing and licensing between the clients and their eager, well-matched and complimentary brands.

Wright Clark has music supervised dozens of film and television projects such as, “Welcome to the Rileys,” and the CBS drama series, “The Good Wife.” With a finger always on the pulse of the music industry, she will fulfill head of Artist &Repertoire, and will help incubate new artists into the “Mob” family.

Davis’ vast music experience includes independent radio promotion, artist development, artist management, consulting, marketing and branding. Davis will direct A&R, and will be on the constant but scrutinized lookout for promising new talent.

Angry Mob plans on holding a launch event and concert showcase soon, and will proliferate their presence with several industry exposures throughout the year. For more information, visit the company’s debut website at

Author: Suzanne Philips
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