Well respected paranormal group Las Vegas Paranormal Authority investigates a possible haunted residence in Las Vegas.

Article by Suzanne Philips.  Photos copyright Wallie L./LVPA


Many people all over the world experience paranormal phenomena in their home on a daily basis.  Some deny it’s happening for as long as they can and others get to a point where they just can’t figure out a solution and need someone to turn to.  Paranormal groups in cities all over the world are called in to help these families try to make sense of their experience and help them find a resolution.  One of the most respected groups in the Southern Nevada area is Las Vegas Paranormal Authority (LVPA). Recently, another homeowner in theLas VegasValley turned to LVPA to get some answers about the unexplainable activity in their home.


Wallie L. of Las Vegas Paranormal Authority


Mr. R (names withheld to protect client’s privacy) has been experiencing some unexplained phenomena in his home.  The occupants have heard footsteps on the upstairs landing when no one has been upstairs.  When they go upstairs to check it out, they find that the rooms are empty.  In the garage, a toolbox has picked itself up several inches off the ground and fell back to the floor.  Mr. R picked up an old Conquistador statue down the street from his house that someone had left out for trash.  It had a broken leg and Mr. R has set out to repair it.  The statue lives in the garage and often Mr. R and his family have come back into the garage to find the statue in a different position than when they left it.  They have heard banging and what sounds like people trying to enter the house from the door leading into the garage.



Statue at start of investigation

LVPA founder Wallie L. brought a team of 6 paranormal investigators to Mr. R’s house for an evening investigation to try to get some answers for the family.  The team set up infrared cameras and digital audio recorders throughout the home.  They also brought full spectrum cameras (which is able to see in a fuller spectrum that the human eye) as well as K-2 and Mel Meters, which measure fluctuations in EMF (electro magnetic frequency).  All of the equipment was monitored from “command central” which had been set up in the kitchen of the house.  Any anomalies found were notated for further investigation during the evidence review process. 

Tool box that was reported to have picked up and slammed down in garage


Teams of investigators split up into different areas of the home which seemed to have the most reports of activity to do EVP sessions and attempt to communicate.  EVP’s of Electronic Voice Phenomenon are “spirit voices” caught on an audio recorder that are not heard at the time of the session.  The team did several sessions in the garage area as well as the master bedroom, where the claims were the greatest.  Mr. R sat in on one such session in the garage and he became very nauseous and had to leave the room.  Sometimes when spirits are present it can cause physical reactions in certain individuals, causing them to get chills or nauseous. 

At the beginning of the investigation, Wallie took photos of the conquistador statue and the garage.  At one point during the investigation, Mr. R’s son J. was looking for an item that Mr. R wanted and went out into the garage.  He came running back into the kitchen and was visibly shaken.  He told Wallie that the statue had moved.  Wallie and the team immediately went outside and took photos of the statue which was, indeed, in a different position.

Statue after moving to different position

A small team of the investigators went into the master bedroom and attempted to communicate with a “spirit box”, which scans radio frequencies continuously at a high rate of speed and is believed to be able to allow the spirits to communicate over the “white noise” it produces.  The LVPA team was asking questions and getting what seemed to be credible responses over the device. 


LVPA Investigators Diane G. and Murad K. using the "spirit box"


At another point, a team of investigators was in the garage area, while the rest of the team was at “Command Central”.  Very distinct footsteps were heard upstairs. Two of the investigators ran upstairs to check it out and found no one on the upstairs floor.  The footsteps were also heard clearly by the team investigating in the garage.

LVPA's Russell C. at Command Central

Wallie L. says that he found the family to be “very credible. Mr. R and J spend a lot of time fixing engines, building and putting things together in the garage. This is the one area were the most phenomenon happens to father and son. When the father found the statue on the curb with the broken leg and brought it home to repair, I believe the spirit get jealous or angry because of  the time the father and son spend together (working on projects in the garage).”

Wallie further adds ” I believe the house has 2 or 3 spirits, 1 male, 1 female or 1 child. The spirits seem to want to scary the family apart. So far family has not gotten too scared. This investigation is on going and LVPA will conduct another investigation in October.”

To get more information on Las Vegas Paranormal Authority or to check out evidence collected at prior cases, visit their website at http://lvparanormalauthority.com/.