Gigaset Showcases Much Anticipated L410 Device at 2012 International CES in North American Debut

Gigaset Communications, Inc. showcased its new L410 clip-on speaker phone innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. It’s one in a line of brand new DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) devices the company will unveil in their North American debut. The long wait is over for this heavily anticipated device that is already widely used in Europe and Asia and this week’s announcement surrounding the availability of the L410 hands-free clip in the United States is guaranteed to cause excitement in the cordless telecommunications industry.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring the L410 to U.S. consumers in an effort to enhance their cordless telecommunications needs,” said Tony Stankus, Product and Marketing Director, North America Gigaset Communications. “We’re equally excited about the New Year with regard to our upcoming marketing initiatives and strategies that will involve a wide swath of product and brand integrations in feature films and television that will further expand our visibility in the global marketplace.”

Unlike a headset that rests on the ear, the Gigaset L410 is a wearable speakerphone. Designed for intuitive handling, the L410’s quick plug and play setup and simple design make it easy to use. The Gigaset L410 hands-free clip offers true mobility for calls at home, allowing users to take care of other things at the same time – cooking, working on the computer or surfing the Internet.

The L410 comes paired with a Gigaset C610A DECT telephone with answering machine. Users can also switch between the Gigaset L410 clip and the C610A handset as well as transfer calls from handset to clip with just one click. Calls can be picked up directly on the Gigaset L410 and its ECO DECT power-saving features make it an environmentally-friendly addition to the home or small office.

In addition to the L410, Gigaset is announcing the availability the A510 and the A510 IP cordless telephones. These family-friendly cordless telephones provide easy-to-use, fixed-line and VoIP calling for busy households. With the A510, incoming callers can each be customized with different colors and ringtones. Navigation through the settings menu and calling functions is very simple due to the four-way key and two context-sensitive display keys.

The A510 IP cordless VoIP telephone allows users to make calls over the Internet with more than 230 VoIP providers worldwide that can be configured with Gigaset’s preinstalled Connection Assistant. Up to six cordless handsets can be registered on the Gigaset A510 IP’s base station. The telephone offers users a quick and easy means of transforming the display into a live ticker, showing information from weather reports to the latest news. The A510 IP is also equipped with unsurpassed voice quality due to High Definition Sound Performance (HDSP), a Gigaset innovation for calls over the Internet.

This new hybrid landline/Internet telephone can be ordered online by consumers from select retailers.

In a bid for increased consumer awareness in the North American marketplace, Gigaset has just entered into a new licensing agreement with one of Mexico’s premiere morning shows on TV Azteca, Venga la Alegria. This is in addition to television and feature film integrations with such popular prime time television shows such as Two And A Half Men, Extra, Last Man Standing, Weeds, Happy Endings and Let’s Make a Deal.

The Venga la Alegria agreement includes on-air promotions and product integrations on one of the most widely watched morning shows across Mexico. It also includes the rights for the Gigaset brand to position itself as an official product of the show as well as the use of Venga la Alegria’s logos in conjunction with the brand in what is Gigaset’s first advertising and commercial foray in the country with out of home, print, retail point of sale and e-commerce advertising.

“Venga la Alegria is a respected program throughout Mexico and we feel that this platform is well aligned with the quality, innovation and high standards that Gigaset brings to consumers through its products,” said Stankus. “We’re thrilled and excited about this new partnership.”

“Cordless phones are the most convenient way of communicating while multi-tasking inside the home to talk with loved ones, especially for busy mothers. We’ve chosen Venga la Alegria to address people who are looking for convenience, superior functionality and the highest quality phones available in Mexico,” added Roberto Bruder Aguiar, President North and Central America, Gigaset Communications. “With a high percent of household decision-makers for home products being women, V.A. is the perfect vehicle for us to launch our entertainment marketing initiatives in Mexico.”


Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cordless phones and the clear market leader in Europe for DECT phones. With its headquarters in Munich, the company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality products. Its portfolio includes fixed-network phones, Voice over IP devices and telephone systems. The primary production site is in Bocholt, Germany, where the Gigaset products are manufactured under the most stringent quality and environmental standards.

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