Sasha Roiz at San Diego Comic Con.  Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM

Sasha Roiz at San Diego Comic Con. Photo copyright Suzanne Philips/CFM


The cast of the supernatural-themed show “Grimm” will host inaugural GRIMM gala to benefit patients and families of Portland’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital on February 7th.

“Grimm” star Sasha Roiz, who plays Captain Sean Renard on the hit NBC show, has set up a fund called The Grimmster Endowment to directly help these families in need. We asked him some questions about his motivation to set up the endowment and the support he has received from the show and the city of Portland.

CFM asked how Roiz got involved with the hospital and why he decided to help.  “The cast and I made a visit to the Children’s hospital (Doernbecher) in our first season and were moved by the dedication of the staff and the personal interactions we had with the patients and their families” said Roiz.  “Certain personal experiences I had with individual patients left a profound impression with me and made me very aware of the need for more financial assistance to support these families in their most vulnerable time. It was then that I began an endowment with the hospital named after our loyal fanbase – The Grimmsters. It is my hope that with the upcoming gala and donations from fans worldwide, we will be able to leave a source of support for this wonderful community. ”


"Grimm" cast photo.  Copyright NBC/Universal

“Grimm” cast photo. Copyright NBC/Universal


And he didn’t need to look very far for support for the project. “It’s meant the world to me” Roiz said of the support he has received from both the show and NBC.  “When I first proposed the idea for a fundraiser, our generous producer Steve Oster immediately put me in touch with the right people. Our production team has committed to help and prepare the space, the countless auction items that production donated and their support for this event is what’s made this a reality. Not to mention the generosity of the people at Comcast, Nike and of course my amazing cast that have all rallied behind this mission. It’s overwhelming and very humbling. ”

Even though the GRIMM gala sold out very quickly, fans can still get involved and donate to this great cause and pick up some cool memorabilia for themselves. “The online auction and donations are open worldwide. Nothing would please us more than to have our global fanbase pitch in and make the name Grimmster a message of hope for many struggling families,” said Roiz.

If you would like to donate or check out more information about the event, visit