The new monsters catch some rays... What do you think they will be called? #DoctorWho #BTS #behindthescenes #monsters

The new monsters catch some rays… What do you think they will be called? #DoctorWho #BTS #behindthescenes #monsters

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Doctor Who Season 9

New monsters are coming to Doctor Who Season 9. BBC released a brand new yet unnamed monster/creature/life form/robot.

The Doctor Who Instagram account has been teasing Whovians with glimpses of what seems to be a new monster. This photo shows multiple versions of the same monsters. While it is being introduced as a new monster  many Whovians think it is a monster wearing studded armor.  Some of us are thinking Daleks, Cybermen or a Sontaran like Straxx.

They remind me of the bickering robots in Doctor Who Season 7 “Dinosaurs on A Spaceship”

The caption on the above Doctor Who Instagram photo invites Whovians to chime in, “The new monsters catch some rays,” said the Instagram caption. “What do you think will be called?”

You can add your ideas on the official Doctor Who Instagram account.

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