Josh Doyle Founding Member Of The “Dumdums” Is Helping Out Nashville Flood Victims

Josh Doyle founding member of the “Dumdums”, a British Punk-Pop group that pioneered the British bubble-gum-punk movement currently lives in Nashville. He sent out the following newsletter to encourage his fan and others to help with the recovery.

“The news services haven’t been great about covering the flood here in Nashville (the worst flooding for 500 years) but everyone here is affected. I lost my full time day-job because it got flooded out and am now looking for work, gigs, whatever, but others lost lives, homes, vehicles, businesses, its pretty grim. See amazing video here.

So far it seems that Nashvillians are the ones helping out the most – I figured since I have a mailing list that stretches out all over the world, people outside of Nashville may be interested in donating even as little as $1 to the efforts to help all the people here that are suddenly in a lot of trouble.

So I have set up shop so that for everything I sell online – downloads, CDs, t-shirts – 50%  will now go to flood relief, and the other 50% to recording here in Nashville, which will put it back into the local music industry. So now is the time, if you are missing tracks from “The End Of Fear”,”Values and Virtues” “Middletown” or “Sessions” (my experimental project that has just been added to downloads) go to and 50 cents of every dollar will go to “The Community Fund Of Middle Tennessee” who are out there feeding and giving shelter and helping in the rebuilding process.

There are a limited number of Josh Doyle T-shirts available here for $15,and $7.50 of that will go to flood relief as well. If you want to just donate straight to flood relief you can find a link here too.

Josh ”
Visit Josh Doyle’s website here.

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