ABC to introduce “NO ORDINARY FAMILY” at 2010 Comic Con

ABC will introduce it’s upcoming Michael Chiklis/Julie Benz starrer “NO ORDINARY FAMILY” at the 2010 Comic Con with a day of giveaways, panels and autograph sessions.

On Saturday, July 24th,

At 1:00pm, Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz will be available in the “No Ordinary Family” booth – #3921 – and will be autographing full sized posters from the show. Also at the booth throughout the day, visitors can come through and lift a full sized car with their super human strength, have their picture taken and walk away with  a photo of their extraordinary moment. Additionally, “No Ordinary Family” backpacks will be available at the booth for a limited time, so hurry on by!

And if you’re hungry, walk over to the Cine Café at 412 K Street and get your “No Ordinary Hero” sandwich.  The first 100 people who come to our booth with their “No Ordinary Hero” wrapper will receive a free tee shirt!

Throughout the day – and without notice – we’ll also be giving out “No Ordinary Family” tees to the crowds, so be on the lookout for this, as well.

At 3:15pm we will be screening the pilot episode of the show in Room 6A.  Following the screening there will be a brief Q&A session with the series stars Michael Chiklis , Julie Benz, series executive producers Greg Berlanti (The Green Lantern, Eli Stone), Jon Harmon Feldman (Reunion, Tru Calling), and David Semel (Heroes, House M.D.).  Those who attend the panel will receive an exclusive tee-shirt that is not available anywhere else at Comic Con

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