New Hip Hop Music by Dupreme - "iPod"
New Hip Hop Music by Dupreme - "iPod"
New Hip Hop Music by Dupreme - "iPod"

Today in the world of music, it seems as though most artists are convinced that if they produce a recording the public will automatically respond in a positive manner. This is hardly ever the case! As a matter of fact, most artists never get discovered or really get heard, beyond their own inner circle of friends, and family. Unfortunately, as time continues, talent seems to have less and less to do with musical success; just listen to the radio; but every so often an artist appears that has something very, very special; then it becomes a matter of exposure, and when a manager or a recording company is blessed enough to discover an artist who works extra hard at perfecting his talent and craft…it’s going to be a really good day!!! Dupreme is such an artist!!!

Dupreme Ammonds was born in the East New York section of Brooklyn New York. In his early years, his family moved to Southeastern Virginia where he attended High School. His talent, dedication, and drive overwhelmed the entire staff of Carpe Diem Artist Development Group, and Famous Records. We all agree that we have an artist with true talent, and potential staying power… In our opinion, Dupreme is definitely destined for greatness…you be the judge. Here is his debut CD, “Humanized Robotics”.

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