Vanity Theft CD Review Concert Review And Tour Dates

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Vanity Theft has a synth-heavy, beat-dominated sound that isn’t genre specific. The excellent guitar riffs and relevant song lyrics place them out of the “all-female” band category and into the “kick ass”  band category. Bassist Lalaine is blunt about her band, saying, “We may have vaginas, but we’re not pussies.”

Their album “Get What You Came For”  has some hard driven tracks but a touch too slick on other tracks making them sound over manipulated.
Mark Jenkins of The Washington Post attended a Vanity Theft concert and left unimpressed by the studio to live transition for their music.

Concert review: Vanity Theft at U Street Music Hall robs punk of its spirit
On paper, Vanity Theft sounds delightfully incongruous: a young, all-female rock quartet that compares itself to riot grrrl bands and includes a Disney Channel veteran (former “Lizzie McGuire” co-star Lalaine) on bass. But the Vanity Theft that performed Friday evening at the U Street Music Hall had little affinity for Bikini Kill, and no Lalaine. A fresh bassist, introduced by guitarist Brittany Hill as “our new friend Amanda,” joined just in time for this tour, which had started a few days earlier.

Read the rest of his review here.

20 upcoming shows/events

Feb 7

Atlanta, GA
Feb 9

Feb 10

Austin, TX
Feb 11

San Antonio, TX
Feb 12
sue ellen’s

Dallas, TX
Feb 13
The Conservatory – TUS

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , US
Feb 15
Second Floor Gallery

El Paso, TX
Feb 16
Amped Performance

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Feb 17
The Rogue Bar

Scottsdale, Arizona
Feb 18
Soda Bar

San Diego!, California
Feb 19
The Roxy Theatre

West Hollywood, CA , US
Feb 20
Milk Bar

San Francisco, California
Feb 23
Ash Street Saloon

Portland, Oregon
Feb 24
Studio Seven

Seattle, Washington
Feb 25
Neurolux Lounge

Boise, ID , US
Feb 26
Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Feb 27
Lion’s Lair

Denver, CO
Mar 1
The Riot Room

Kansas City, Missouri, US
Mar 2

University City, MO
Mar 4
Vaudeville Mews

Des Moines, IA

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