Stooped Funny Dancing Jammie Dodgers Monkeys Need A Fez

Dancing Jammie Dodger Monkeys Doctor Who

Dancing Jammie Dodger Monkeys Doctor Who
Dancing Jammie Dodger Monkeys

Jammie Dodgers –  As Seen On Doctor Who!

The Doctor, “I’m going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, 12 jammy dodgers and a fez…!” Doctor Who, The Impossible Astronaut

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Matt Smith, who plays the eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who, has described Jammie Dodgers as The Doctor’s favorite snack. In the episode “Victory of the Daleks” (2010), The Doctor temporarily tricks the Daleks into believing that a Jammie Dodger is actually the TARDIS self-destruct button.” From Wikipedia

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What is a Jammie Dodger? It is a biscuit (cookie), made from shortbread and plum jam. Wonder if they are available in the  Who -S -A

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