Doctor Who Season 6 pt 2: The Doctor, River Song and Alex Kingston’s Breasts

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doctor who,Dr.Who,Karen Gillan,Alan Kingston's breasts,the doctor,amy pond,amy pond actress,Doctor Who cast, dr who characters,River Song,Alex Kingston,Matt Smith,Arthur Darvil,Rory Williams,Daisy Lowe,

Finally! A descent kiss between the Doctor and River. The death kiss. River Song (Alex Kingston) and the Doctor (Matt Smith) kiss during the Doctor Who episode “Let’s Kill Hitler”.

The Doctor Who reviews were up immediately after the show aired in the UK.  I had decided to avoid all spoilers and came to the show with an open heart and mind, ready to love/hate Steven Moffat. As the time ticked by, my will power started to erode and I decided to read a review.

It occurred to me that the reviewer and I had different goals. He was watching to write his review and get it up and into Google first. Mine was to hang on and run with the Doctor. How sad for him.
There IT was on my screen in black and off white!

Doctor Who “Let’s Kill Hitler” He Thought It Sucked!

It was hard to resist the urge to throw the laptop on the floor. I stopped reading and decided to  just wait.

Rule #1 Doctor Who Reviewers Lie!

He carefully pointed out and complained that Mels suddenly appeared in Amy and Rory’s life.  Well duh! Time can be rewritten. Then he dissected and ridiculed everything that didn’t seem to have a plausible explanation.

My advice to the reviewer?
If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes
and other science facts (la la la),
Then repeat to yourself, “It’s just a show,
I should really just relax.” (la la la)

Losillë Doesn’t Lie! Doctor Who Series 6 Pt 2 “Let’s Kill Hitler” Was Exhilarating Fun!

The episode was Steven Moffat at his convoluted, “I have to watch it 6 times to get all the subtle references.” best.

The synopsis is below. I am going straight to the good stuff.

Moffat included Alex Kingston‘s famous breast to the script! I love it. Alex Kingston’s breast have a career of their own.  She has perfect, non surgically enhanced breast and they have volumes written about them.  When River saw her new breasts she remarked she would be wearing sweaters. Moffat working her breasts in to the story was hilarious. If you would like to see her bare breasts, nipples and all click here.  Don’t click if you don’t want to see boobies.

Doctor Who Love/Life Timeline Chart River Song And The Doctor

When Alex Kingston comes on to a set everyone is in danger of being completely mowed down.  She exudes sexuality. In the past I was worried that Matt Smith might not have the acting chops to keep her from chewing up the scenery. Each time he meets her head on and raises the bar! Those two are absolute magic together.

Favorite part: When River was crawling on the Doctor stopping just short of a lap dance. Matt Smith was wonderful. He looks  turned on, terrified and completely befuddled. Intellect and reasoning can’t help him with an irresistible attraction and his brain seems to check out. The Doctor has no idea what to do with or about River Song.

Is Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Gay? Daisy Lowe’s Playboy Photos Answer That Question!

During the episode he called River Song is his bespoken. Yeah, I looked it up. Bespoken – an item custom-made to the buyer’s specification. The term historically was applied only to tailored clothing, shirts, and other parts of men’s apparel involving measurement and fitting.

How could he resist her?

Thanks to Monty Python the Doctor is able to ward off  River Song attack when sleight of hand switches her gun for a banana.

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Wears A Sailor Hat Now. Sailor Hats Are Cool!

Bonus: Caitlin Blackwood the little Amelia Pond.  Karen Gillan, who plays the grown-up Amy Pond, is her cousin in real life. That little girl is very talented.

Best quote: River Song: “I’m a psychopath. I’m not rude! ”

Juiciest Tidbit: The Doctor whispers in River Song’s ear as he is dieing and she says she thinks River already knows.

Worst part: When the Doctor is dieing,  River gives him the balance of her generation powers to save him.  The Doctor, Amy and Rory dump her! They take her to the hospital run by the Order of The Crazy Cat Lady and leave her!  Remember those Cats on New(15) New York? They used The Flesh to grow people for medical experimentation.

Plot 1:  We meet Amy and Cory’s free wheeling friend that blamed all historical calamities on the lack of intervention by the Doctor. When she finally meets the Doctor she kidnaps him at gun point to go back in time and kill Hitler.

Chaos, cops, kidnapped at gunpoint and all the Doctor got out of it was, “You never said I was hot?”

Plot 2: A shape shifting robot replaces a member of Hitler’s inner circle to get close enough to kill him. The TARDIS flies into the room and knocks over the robot and saves Hitler. Except the robot is really the spaceship,  Teselecta (anagram?) that punishes people for war crimes right before they die.  The spaceship shrinks people and beamed them into the spaceship/robot where they were terminated by very polite robots referred to as anti-bodies.

Plot 3: Amy and Cory’s life long friend is shot by Hitler regenerates and we find out Mels is Melody Pond who then becomes River Song. Alex Kingston is incredibly hot as she explores “River’s” new body.  Mels does not know she is River Song. It is wild and confusing. The Doctor and River face off in an amazing scene! How how I love those two.

There was chaos, confusion and Hitler locked in a closet and all the Doctor got out of it was, “You named your daughter after your daughter?”


Author: Losillë
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  1. Okay, I have only two thing to say to the person who said that “let’s kill hitler” sucked, and tried to say that the stuff about mels doesn’t make sense. 1). Its making perfect sense, they’re just no keeping up, and 2) Never, EVER, apply logic to Who. You’ll just hurt yourself. That is all

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