Doctor Who: Matt Smith (The Doctor) Reports Say He Is Single Again

Matt Smith (The Doctor) is reportedly single again.
Matt Smith (The Doctor) is reportedly single again.
Matt Smith (The Doctor) is reportedly single again.

The eleventh doctor in the BBC series, Doctor Who is single. Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe have ended their 18-month relationship. Sources claim the relationship ended because of work conflicts. Mostly in part to Smith’s schedule working on Doctor Who. The shooting schedule was too demanding for a relationship to continue. Smith was recently photographed out on the town with his male friends, not looking happy.
The Sun UK reported that Smith was out in London yesterday. This was first time the actor had been seen since his break up with Lowe. The Sun also reported that a source claimed the couple did not have time for each other anymore due to crazy work schedules and that Smith had become nervous about a possible long-term future with Lowe. Any talk of engagement or marriage seemed to unnerve Smith.

Many are surprised at this break up. Fans of Smith had recently seen pictures of the couple happy and enjoying London just a few weeks ago. The couple had been together for nearly two years before the split. added that both Lowe and Smith have not commented on the break up. Representatives for the couple have not spoken either. Sources close to both parties involved are saying that both people are devastated by this break up.

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