You Tube Sensation Dakota Laden to Join 2012 Las Vegas Paracon

Article by Suzanne Philips

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For those of you who might not know, the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon will be held on August 31st – September 2nd at the beautiful Bonnie Springs Ranch just outside of Las Vegas.  CFM has been bringing you an inside look at some of the guests and events that will be taking place at this historic event and this time we want to focus on the youngest member of the event.

Dakota Laden

Dakota Laden is a 16-year-old, self-taught filmmaker and editor from Minnesota. He started making movies when he was 8-years-old. Most of his first videos consisted of pranks, and gradually transformed into comedy skits. At the age of 12, he started a YouTube account (Shortfilmzz123), where he continues to post a new video every Tuesday. For the most part, he films with his
friends, and together they have produced over 400 videos, varying from action comedies and spoofs to music videos and improv sketches. Dakota has become an internet sensation and his YouTube site currently has close to five million views and two of his music video songs can be downloaded from ITunes. Dakota’s most successful productions have been his spoofs of the television show, “Ghost Adventures”, which even caught the eye of the Ghost Adventures Crew themselves.

He won a National music video contest, put on by The Travel Channel, which earned him a guest appearance on an episode of “Ghost Adventures,” where he had the chance to go on a lockdown with the GA Crew at the Old County Jail in Charleston, South Carolina. That episode was one of the most popular episodes of that season.

He created an online ghost series called, “Ghost Boys,” which consists of actual footage from paranormal investigations led by
he and is two friends which you will be able to view on You Tube soon.

Dakota is happy to be a part of Las Vegas Paracon 2012, and is looking forward to meeting everyone. For more information on Dakota check him out on You Tube at Shortfilmzz123 or on Twitter at @DakotaLaden.

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