The Black Keys: Their New Video Might Be Too Weird For You, But It Is Still Amazing

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The new Black Keys music video for their hit track “Gold on the Ceiling” features giant waxy baby puppets of band mates Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, and is as unsettling as the song lyrics themselves. To create the video for the song about stealing gold and other precious metals, the Black Keys chose Harmony Korine, director of the cult classic teen party movie, Kids. The video has that “can’t look away” quality that is creepy yet compelling at the same time.

The colors are muted throughout the video, and the band mates sing their way through a series of strange environments, such as a barn, a wheelchair party, and a flooded street. Words cut across a blurry screen, providing some relief from the parade of bizarre visual elements. Once you watch it one time, you might feel good just never seeing it again.

However strange the Korine-Keys combo is, one truth remains: The Black Keys are esteemed rockers, and they’re only going to get more powerful. “Gold on the Ceiling” is a prime example of their new sound, which is a bit more edgy than their previous music.

The Essential Sound of the Black Keys

The blues guitar gives the music a soulful sound, and the Black Keys’ witty, funny lyrics add a welcome element of humor. The duo write primarily about women, hard living, and other blues staples. The live show is a real treat, so definitely be on the lookout for
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Their New Album Dropped to Rave Reviews

While this band’s acclaim has been building for years, especially thanks to their Grammy awards in 2010, the Black Keys are still the same low-key, funny, and heartfelt artists their fans love – just with a slightly different sound. The Black Keys’ most recent album, El Camino, features easy melodies styled by famous producer Danger Mouse. The album showcases the garage rock, soulful feel that the Black Keys became famous for, but with a modern spin that the predominantly hip hop producer Danger Mouse brings to the mix.

The Times Live promoted this album as more “accessible” than Black Keys’ albums and having a vintage, road trip kind of feel. While hardcore fans might think the new album is aimed at a trendier audience, the band sticks with writing and singing about what they know best, so longtime fans will not be disappointed.

They Have Famous Fans

Even if their peculiar music video is not to your tastes, the Black Keys music still impresses. They put on an amazing live show, and the intimacy of their music is not lost even in a stadium arena setting, where thousands of Black Keys Tickets are sold for one show. In a recent performance at the MTV movie awards, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney invited Johnny Depp onstage to perform with them. Depp called the Black Keys “up and coming legends.”

With El Camino, the Black Keys have proved they have the power to evolve while remaining true to the elements that made them famous in the first place. Whether you think their time has come or you think they’re still growing as musicians, the look and feel of their music hits deep – and Hollywood is taking notice.


Author: Curator Rosalita Moog

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