Actress and Paranormal Investigator Julie Krystina Joins the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon

Article by Suzanne Philips, photo copyright Julie Krystina

Julie Krystina

The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon is only a week away and the organizers have lined up yet another great guest who will be appearing at the event.

Actress/Model/Massage Therapist/Paranormal Investigator/sensitive-empath, lover of pez and indie rock music and 80s hair metal Julie Krystina has been featured in High profile films and tv shows on networks like the CW, Nickelodeon,Disney, MTV and most recently Bio/A&E on shows like One Tree Hill, The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, Drake and Josh, The 5th Wheel, Friday Night Lights , My Ghost Story, and The Hills to name a few. She currently resides in Los Angeles but originally comes from Seattle , Washington. She has done work with D&G for the fall campaign in 2003 as well as a sunglasses campaign for Versace. Her  modeling career started with Abercrombie and Fitch. Julie has an extensive cheerleading background including acceptance at the University of Washingon which she declined for a career in film.

Julie is the Founder of Grey Zone Paranormal started  in 2010 after lifelong experiences in the paranormal starting at age 2.She is a sensitive, empath, and clairaudient in other words a Jane of all trades and a friggin bad ass! Julie is also a member of Paranormal Hot Squad which was featured on “Paranormal Challenge”.

If you still haven’t gotten your tickets for the 2012 Las Vegas Paracon, hurry over to before they run out!


Author: Suzanne Philips
Film, TV, Theatre reviewer. Mad Dance Skillz, Crazy in a good way.

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