Twitter’s Latest Rules for Fighting Hate and Abuse

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One thing that is often forgotten about social media is that each platform is a business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are not the federal government and you aren’t required to use them. Social media always runs the danger of sounding like Big Brother.

Tolerance often means you have to tolerate my position, beliefs, ideals but I don’t have to tolerate yours. Wired has published an email to the Trust & Safety Council members outlining their latest rules for tweets.  Rosalita Moog


When Twitter could take credit for revolutionary political movements like the Arab Spring, it was easy for the company’s executives to joke about their liberal stance on free speech. (Twitter, they said, was “the free speech wing of the free speech party.”) But things are a bit more complicated now, as Twitter increasingly plays host to bullies, harassers, Nazis, propaganda-spreading bots, ISIS recruiters, and threats of nuclear war. Twitter’s toxic content problem isn’t just bad for humanity—it’s bad for business, because it drives people away from the platform.

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