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Bands are sometimes confused about what a publicist does, others aren’t aware they exist.  When I started the website I rejected the idea of press releases, then some how Luck Media and I came together.  Their well written press releases and the caliber of their entertainers changed my mind. I have met some excellent bands through them.
CFM will only bring you information from sources we trust.
This Q&A is with Jen Onsum a I publicist I respect. She is with an excellent company Luck Media and her answers should clear up the publicist/press release confusion.

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Ampeg Endorsements For Bands

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This is the first in a series of articles aimed at helping bands locate endorsements and sponsorships
Becoming an Ampeg Endorser Artist

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This is what I have learned working with bands over the years.

It is fairly easy to get the endorsement rights for your MySpace page or website if you don’t suck. An endorsement says that you use the equipment and the company has agreed to let you advertise that affiliation. No money or equipment changes hands.

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