Doctor Who Google Plus Invitation Only

Join Doctor Who Google Plus

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This is by invitation only. We currently have 300 invitations available.  We can add more.

If you would like to join us on Doctor Who Google plus send a request to:

Doctor Who fans only! This is not a marketing opportunity!

1. Sign up for a gmail account.

2. When you receive an email saying one of us it will say for example, “Harmony Lucas shared a post with you.”

It will look like something like this.

Harmony Lucas shared a post with you on Google+. The Google+ project makes sharing on the web more like sharing in real-life. Learn more.Join Google+

Click on Join Google+

Then you have to add Harmony or the person that sent the invitation to your gmail contacts.

Click on Contacts

At the top of your Gmail it will say +Your Gmail Name.

Click on the +your name.

On the right side it will suggestions and Harmony’s name will be listed.

Mouse over add to Circles and go down to Doctor Who Google Plus. Click and you will be added to the group.

Doctor Who fans only! This is not a marketing opportunity!

This is a fan circle.



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