Nick Groff at 2016 San Diego Comic Con. Photgraphy Copyright S. Philips/CFM


Paranormal Reality Star Nick Groff attended the 2016 San Diego Comic Con this past weekend and he was a busy guy. Groff sat on a panel discussion with fellow Paranormal stars John Zaffis, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry to discuss their projects, participated in autograph signings in the famous San Diego Convention Center’s “sails” pavillion, and visited Camp Conival to discuss all things Paranormal.

The Conival, put on by Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist company and Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry, featured games, food and panels with some of the hottest celebs and shows at Comic Con.  Conival was totally free and open to anyone with or without a Comic Con badge.




Groff talked about the fact that when people do investigations at the famous Washoe Club in Virginia City, they often get his name come through on their EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). (I have personally experienced this during an investigation there!) He also spoke about skeptics who come on investigations with him and often leave as converts.

Groff has been very busy lately, with his shows “Paranormal Lockdown” which shows Groff and fellow investigator Katrina Weidman being locked down in a haunted location for 72 hours, and “Ghosts of Shephardstown” which has a team of Paranormal investigators checking out Paranormal claims in a small town in West Virginia.  Both shows can be found on the Destination America channel.

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