Review Rogue One – Capture of December 2016 Lost Post


Looking forward to seeing Rogue One on a scale of one to ten. 7.5

Want to see it again? Yes

Favorite line in Rogue One? I am one with the force and the force is with me.

Favorite character in Rogue One? K- 2 SO He is a cross between Marvin in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  and Star Wars C-3PO. He is every human like. His attitude and they way he throws out lines is hilarious!

Run time? 133 minutes

Too Long/too short? A bit too long.

Why? The past few years movies have been running longer. The directors stretch movies to a minimum of two hours. The stretching isn’t always done with good content. Rogue One has many and I do mean many, sweeping shots of the landscape. The second time stretch came in via battles, long confusing air battles. The miniatures ranged from awesome to awful in the very, very long air battle.

Best part?  The comfortable way the new story line meshed with the familiar. Rogue One is in some ways predictable. Having been part of the fandom since the first Star Wars movie hit the theater, entitles me to certain number of predictable references. Rogue One is a movie Star Wars fan will enjoy because it is predictable, in a good way.

Worst part? * Slight Spoiler high light with mouse to read*They are out crawling around on some sort of ledge. They completely lost any pretense of continuity.

Random thoughts? Storm troopers still can’t shoot straight. The armor impedes their movement and doesn’t protect them very well.

Black folks are scarce in space. I suppose they could be storm troopers.

Rebel in the back reminded me of Rick Moranis in Space Balls.
Think D Day and Iow Jima battles on the beach with those big dog things.
The air fight with those thinks that look like empty thread spools
Sweeping landscapes and protracted battles.
I was surprised how many main or central characters died.
Towards the end the models looked like models photographed to look big. Disappointing.
Are they in space without oxygen mask?
The end left some lose threads and linked us back to the original Star Wars Trilogy with cgi Princess Leia

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