Murder Chose Me Season 2 One Spoiler and My Thoughts About The Show

Rod Demery and John Nicholson
Rod Demery and John Nicholson
Rod Demery and John Nicholson Homicide detective, Rod Demery, races against the clock to catch criminals in Shreveport, Louisiana.


This article has a spoiler for Damsel In Distress which is available on IDGo.

Rod Demery and re-creation actor John Nicholson are very attractive men. If I met one of them I would probably say something inappropriate that I could relive at 3 am. However, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that the stories deal with murder. We should never forget the victim has loved ones.

With that said, this episode has John Nicholson. In bed! Shirtless! 

I will just leave that. Right There.
I will just leave that. Right There.

I am a faithful Homicide Hunter fan. Lt Joe Kenda saved Investigation Discovery from being good in an ordinary way.

Investigation Discovery shows have allowed us to have a look behind the scenes at the inner workings of a homicide detective. We eat it up with a spoon!!

Murder Chose Me

  • Murder Chose Me is such a good show that I have to admit it feels a little like I am cheating on The Homicide Hunter Lt. Joe Kenda.
  • Murder Chose Me came along and Rod Demery gave us another Kenda. We trust Kenda with our very hearts. Demery is sincere and to the point. Like Joe Kenda, he is never condescending and we need people we can believe in.
  • Murder Chose Me is the life and solved crimes of Detective Rod Demery.  Thanks to Investigation Discovery, we are ID Addicts.

John Nicholson as Detective Rod Demery in Murder Chose Me

This season sees the return of re-creation lead actor John Nicholson, writer Curtis (Curt) Paine and director Jeffery (Jeff) Woods

Some of ID’s reenactment actors are not very good. The actors need more experience and some are painful to watch. Jupiter Entertainment, is the television production company that brings Homicide Hunter, Murder Chose Me and some of our other favorites to Investigation Discovery. They manage to bring us talented re-creation actors.

Nicholson is an excellent actor. As a “Method” actor he is trained to let us know “that there is more going on within the actor than just what the lines say.” He takes on the roll like a suit. When Nicholson walks into a room, as Demery it is taken for granted that he is in charge. Of course, his muscular build adds to the way he moves into that room. He is handsome and always looks so crisp you can practically smell his aftershave lotion. The re-creations are stories are about the worst possible thing that could happen to a family and he doesn’t take his responsibility lightly. We appreciate his hard work, he gives us a calm yet commanding performance that leaves us feeling he truly understands the sensitive nature of this role. His performance as Demery is with an effort that appears effortless, the epitome of genuine feeling.

Murder Chose Me airs Wednesday night on Investigation Discovery.

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